Investigative journalism is key to democratic accountability. It exposes wrongdoing, equipping people to hold power to account.

The IJ Hub serves investigative journalism in Southern Africa. We build the capacity of investigative journalists and journalism centres via fellowships, training workshops and a range of editorial and organisational services. We also raise philanthropic funding for our member centres.

Stories from our Member Centres

  • How king turns eSwatini into fiefdomHow king turns eSwatini into fiefdom
    As governance issues continue to be a thorn in the flesh for many emaSwati, King Mswati III has turned the kingdom into a family affair, appointing his children and close family members in key positions, writes Nimrod Mabuza In a notable act of nepotism, Eswatini’s absolute monarch, King Mswati, has… Read more »
  • Unhappy the land that needs heroes
    Since attaining independence 52 years ago, the position of Prime Minister eSwatini has been the preserve of the ruling royal family. But now, following the death of Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini, the feeling is growing that appointing from other clans would be a perfect start for opening the political space, writes… Read more »
  • Government’s bid to clampdown on social mediaGovernment’s bid to clampdown on social media
    For emaSwati who have been politically muzzled for over 40 years, social media provides them with an opportunity to voice out their frustrations on government and the leadership of this country, in particular the king. But that ‘freedom’ may soon come to an end as government makes an attempt to… Read more »
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